1 verb
1 BEND (T) to bend and turn something several times, especially in order to make something or to tie it to something: twist sth into/around etc: She twisted the wire into the shape of a star.
2 MOVE (I) to turn a part of your body around or change your position by turning: He twisted to try and get free of the ropes.
3 TURN (T) to turn something using your hand: twist sth off: Jack twisted the cap off the bottle.
4 WIND (transitive always + adv/prep) to wind something in a particular way: twist sth round/around: She twisted the streamers round the banisters. | twist sth together: Twist the two ends of the wire together.
5 ROAD/RIVER (I) if a road, river etc twists, it changes direction in a series of curves: The track twisted into the hills.
6 WORDS (T) to change the true or intended meaning of a statement, especially in order to get some advantage for yourself; distort; distort: Every time I try to discuss the situation, he twists what I say.
7 twist your wrist/ankle/knee to hurt your wrist etc by pulling or turning it too suddenly while you are moving
8 twist and turn
a) if a path, road, stream etc twists and turns, it has a lot of bends in it
b) if a person or animal twists and turns, they make twisting movements: The snake twisted and turned through the mud.
9 twist sb's arm
a) informal to persuade someone to do something they do not want to do: I'm sure he'll come to the party if you twist his arm.
b) to bend someone's arm upwards behind their back in order to hurt them
c) twist my arm! spoken used humorously to accept an invitation, a drink etc: Oh, go on, twist my arm! I'll have a red wine.
—see also: twist/wrap sb around your little finger finger 1 (13), twist/turn the knife knife 1 (4) 2 noun (C)
1 a twisting action or movement: Give that lid a twist - it's coming loose.
2 a bend in a river or road
3 an unexpected change in the meaning of a situation or in the progress of a series of events: The story ends with a strange twist - the detective turns out to be the murderer. | a twist of fate/fortune: By an amazing twist of fate, we met again in Madrid five years later.
4 a small piece of something that is twisted into a particular shape
(+ of): a twist of tobacco | a twist of lemon
5 round the twist BrE crazy: drive sb round the twist (=make someone angry by continuously doing something)
6 the twist a popular fast dance in the 1960s in which you twist your body from side to side
7 round the twist BrE spoken
a) very angry: You children are sending me round the twist!
b) crazy
— twisty adjective: a twisty road —see also: get your knickers in a twist knickers (3)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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